Why entrepreneurs need to consider using a VPN

Why entrepreneurs need to consider using a VPN

Starting any business requires plenty of hard work and patience. However, no one factors in proper cyber security to protect their digital assets. Large companies and corporations reinforce their security by hiring an in-house cybersecurity team or contracting 3rd party companies assigned for such tasks. 

While these services are beneficial, they’re also expensive. Many people and start-ups are skewing towards VPNs as an alternative and more affordable option to protect day-to-day operations. 

What is a VPN 

A VPN, or a virtual private network, is software that connects you to the internet via a secured virtual tunnel. The outbound requests and inbound inquiries are encrypted which means that no one can see or read what you’re doing or which sites you’re accessing. 

A VPN shields you from cyber thieves by virtually teleporting you to another country, ergo changing your current IP address. So what makes a VPN truly essential for entrepreneurs?


Why use a VPN to read important emails or download files for business? These simple tasks are at risk to hackers who can intercept certain files and even read every important email you send or receive. Here are some crucial security features a VPN can provide. 

  • Extra security 

If you’re like any person living in the 21st century, then you confidentially save most of your documentation on your device or in cloud storage software. You might think you’re safe just because a password blocks anyone from entering your cloud but hackers can easily crack the safe and steal your information. 

VPNs can clear the footprints that can lead hackers to rob you of your online resources. 

Entrepreneurs have plenty of responsibilities including meetings in public spaces which depend on unsecured and vulnerable public Wi-Fi networks where hackers thrive. If they know you’re sharing sensitive information, then it’s just a matter of accessing the same network as you and intercepting your traffic to funnel everything to their device. 

With a VPN in the forefront, your IP address will be cloaked and your information encrypted so that no one can steal your important data. 

  • Accessing remotely 

Daily commutes to the workplace have reduced in favor of working remotely after the peak of the global pandemic. Being an entrepreneur means having to transfer files to associates or partners regularly. 

When sensitive documents are transferred between you and the beneficiary, networks can be compromised by anyone who wants to get their hands on the files. Having a VPN activated will set up a secured network with end-to-end encryption that will properly safeguard your network. 

  • Virtual nodes

A VPN can transfer you to a virtual node by changing your IP address to a country of your choice. If your company is based in India and you need an IP address in Singapore, then it’s possible to do that by connecting to a server in France. This way, you can observe the digital environment in France without having to step foot there. 

It’s also a good way to cover your tracks if you don’t want your ISP to know what you are doing. Changing virtual nodes constantly will guarantee safety and anonymity to grow your business. 

  • Encryption

Let’s say a hacker snuck into your network traffic and found out that you’re about to close a deal with a potential partner. That hacker is already in and can access the emails and information. Even though they’re already in, they can’t see who the client is nor can they see the content. That’s because VPNs have military-grade end-to-end encryption that’s impossible to crack. They will only see a series of randomized characters and symbols that cannot be deciphered.

  • Save money on business trips

Being an entrepreneur means holding occasional business meetings around town and sometimes traveling to other countries or cities by plane. Connecting to a VPN will allow you to purchase more affordable plane tickets to further places. Select a virtual node that’s close to the destination of your choice and pin yourself there. Once connected, check again for ticket prices online, and voilà! You can spend less on more flights all year round. 

  • Bypass censorship-imposed territories

Internet censorship is more abundant than you think. Your business might involve advertising in markets that face governmental restrictions. Or you might reside in a country where the government imposes heavy internet restrictions which can limit you from expanding your business. A VPN will create a bridge and allow you to access the world beyond the limitations. 

  • It’s affordable 

Every business requires some form of cyber security. In our current era, it’s impossible to escape the internet where most of our transactions, communications, file storage, and payments happen. Hiring an in-house or 3rd party cybersecurity team is costly, but a VPN is an excellent alternative to protect your business. SwoshsVPN offers a wide array of security features to strengthen your business including: 

Kill Switch: The kill switch feature cuts your VPN connection automatically when it senses a drop or disruption. It does that to minimize any exposure to your ISP and visited websites. It will re-establish a connection once it senses that it’s safe again. 

Split Tunnel: Split tunneling channels your connection through an encrypted VPN connection and direct internet separately. That way, you can allocate some apps to have either connection to reduce bandwidth constraints and increase VPN network speed. 

Multiple Virtual Nodes: Multiple nodes allow you to relocate yourself to any country with a local IP address. Not only will you be away from the eyes of your ISP, but you can view other markets and online environments from the comfort of your device.  

VPNs provide the much-needed safety and protection for anyone starting a business. It’s best to use one to ensure maximum safety.