Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereby referred to as “Document”) will demonstrate to the user (hereby referred to as “you”, “your”, “you’re”, “user”)how ioTegrity Technology Inc & Proud Panda Technology. (hereby referred to as “us”, “we”, “our”, “our services”) collects, manages and protects your data.

We are keen on abiding by our core principle and want you to know what information SwoshsVPN collects and doesn’t collect. We also want you to understand how we collect, use, and store information.

Our administrative value toward data collection is to collect only the minimal data required to run our operations at a large scale and to improve, operate, manage, and maintain our services to the highest optimal level.

Our systems are designed and built to not harbor sensitive data about our users. We cannot provide user data to 3rd parties even if obliged to do so. We simply cannot offer data that we do not possess.

I – What information we collect

SwoshsVPN collects your email address for administering your SwoshsVPN subscription. This is submitted on our order page when you agree to subscribe to our services. We also collect user feedback sent to our Support Center if the feedback can be used to improve our services, usability, network enhancement, and anything that will prove useful to improve our services.

With this information, we will know where we can improve our services based on potential faulty difficulties. We can provide technical support for a failed connection, troubleshoot and identify connection problems, provide country-specific advice to utilize and maximize the use of our service and enable the SwoshsVPN support team to identify and fix network issues.

II – What information we do not collect

SwoshsVPN only collects minimal information listed in this Document. We do not collect data on DNS queries or contents and destinations of the user’s VPN traffic.

We collect the listed information to establish a rich customer experience and improved services by analyzing the usage as aggregate data from the website and our services.

We do not collect the following:

  • Data logs of your activity including traffic destination.
  • Connection logs.
  • Data logs of your outgoing VPN IP address.
  • Logs of browsing history.
  • Logs of data content.
  • DNS queries.

III - Personal information

SwoshsVPN collects certain personal information that you directly provide to us through the Website. By doing so, we require that you provide an email address to create a SwoshsVPN account. With your email, you shall establish communication with us as we shall send you information about our services, collect payments from you, and respond to any support queries that you ask.

Depending on the payment method, we collect certain information written and pronounced in this Document with nothing outside its perimeters. We only require payment information after administering and completing a free trial within the subsequently given timeframe.

In addition, we use cookies, beacons, scripts, and tags (Refer to our Cookie Policy). Some billing forms will redirect you to the website of a third-party payment entity (PayPal, Paymentwall, Stripe, Coinbase) to process the billing transaction. We operate with different privacy policies in how we collect personal information that may be different from the third-party payment entities. We recommend you review their terms and privacy policies.

SwoshsVPN uses your email that you used to establish communication for:

  • Communicating with you about your VPN services or responding to any communication you initiated.
  • Sending you announcements, updates, and promotions.
  • Informing you of changes to our services.
  • Sending you password reset emails.
  • Sending you emails associated with payment transactions and payment notifications.
  • Providing you with links to our website.

None of the above-mentioned data is stored, logged, or copied. We use your personal information only for the purpose of what is present in this Document. And by adhering to this Document, we do not sell your personal information to third parties. The preceding terms do not exclude the transfer of data.

IV- Non-Personal Information

Besides collecting the data mentioned above, we ensure that we never log browsing history, traffic destination, data content, or DNS queries. Therefore:

  • We do not know which user ever accessed a particular website or service.
  • We do not know which user was connected to the VPN at a specific time.

Even if we are obliged to release user information, we cannot because such sensitive and private information does not exist. We count the amount of user traffic to plan network expansions and to monitor if there is an unusual and abnormal amount of traffic originating from a single source but not on a personal level.

As a VPN service provider company, we have sensitive hardware and software which cannot be compromised. For this reason, we are at risk of cyber-attacks and will exercise our right to protect our assets at all costs.

Non-personal data and personal data are not interconnected with each other. Therefore, any non-personal data is not identifiable even when you are currently using SwoshsVPN servers.

For SwoshsVPN to run a demanding service and quality customer support, SwoshsVPN collects the following information related to your VPN usage:

Collective quantity of data transferred

We only monitor the number of Megabytes transferred, not the destination of the website nor the content - No personal information that can specifically identify you is kept. We collect information regarding the total sum of megabytes to detect any possible cyber-attacks or any unusual activity. We do not see which users accessed certain websites at a given time.

Apps versions and updates

It’s important to know which app version you have activated. By knowing which version you have activated, the Support Team can assist, troubleshoot, resolve, or answer any issues with your account and subscription.

Email and Feedback Forms

In order for SwoshsVPN to manage a consistent and well-maintained service, we keep records of any questions (negative and positive comments) you submit through our website or app along with our response. With this dialogue saved, we can provide the best customer support to improve our service for current and future users. Our Customer Support team does not have access to any personal and non-personal information besides your email address and the message you sent willingly. SwoshsVPN also uses an email broadcasting and distribution which is handled by SendGrid, a third-party software dedicated to easing any inquiries sent from our users. To know more about SendGrid’s policies, see their Privacy Policy here.

Crash Reports and App Diagnostics

SwoshsVPN utilizes third-party software Firebase’s Crashlytics, to conduct app diagnostic data on Android and iOS devices which include usability diagnostics, VPN diagnostics, and crash reports. The data collected helps us identify specific problems so that we can improve the area in which the problem occurred.
We will collect the following data:

  • Connection speed information.
  • Diagnostic information on VPN connection attempts.
  • App diagnostics, including usability diagnostics and crash reports.

For more information on Firebase’s Crashlytics, see their Privacy Policy.

V- Cookies, Web Beacons, Scripts, Tags, and Mobile Identifiers

SwoshsVPN uses cookies to track and record your preferences and to understand your activity on our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files of data that are stored on your computer’s hard drive after being sent to your internet browser. Cookies are essential to our operations as they allow us to improve the user experience of the website whether they are first-time visitors or regular viewers. It’s important that we deliver proper functionalities such as website login and language preferences, how long the user stays on a page, and/or what they access on the website. The cookies we use are also updated since we constantly adjust changes and improvements on our website.

Web beacons

Web beacons are deployed on web pages and emails to monitor if a visitor has accessed any form of content present. They also host track web activity occurring throughout the website if a visitor navigates around it.

Tracking Scripts

Tracking scripts are code that is applied to monitor the number of viewers visiting a website.

Tracking Tags

Tracking tags are attached to a website URL in the form of a code to provide lucrative analytics on visitor behavior and traffic.

SwoshsVPN’s cookies

In the limits of SwoshsVPN’s operations, cookies allow us to ease your usability when visiting the website or the app. It allows us to set your language preference, feature visitors to a marketing channel, and display your information that is unique to your account once you log in. The cookies have a user identifier but do not identify information such as your email address, or your name, and do not track your internet activity outside of SwoshsVPN’s jurisdictions.

Disabling cookies

If you wish to change or disable your cookie preferences, you proceed by accessing the settings panel on your preferred browser at any time. Depending on the browser, you can choose which cookies you wish to allow, block, and delete.

Note: If you change the settings on your browser to refuse all cookies, you may not be able to use all the features of our website and may experience technical difficulties. You can review the cookies settings of the browser you are currently using for more details.

Third-party cookies

SwoshsVPN also collects data for statistical reporting using cookies from third-party services like AdWords and Google Analytics. These analytics can track how much time people spend on the website and how they browse it. It will display the source of users' access to our website. It also indicates how many users visit and stay on a specific page.SwoshsVPN uses Google AdWords targeting to exhibit ads to visitors who have visited third-party websites, such as Google. We may display adverts for such users on a Google search results page or a Google Display Network website. If a user wishes to opt-out of Google Analytics, then he/she may visit the Google Analytics Opt-out page for more information. Users may also visit the Network Advertising Initiative Opt-out Page to disable third-party cookies. Cookies are required by third-party vendors, including Google, to deliver adverts based on a user's previous visits to the website. Any data collected will be used in compliance with our Privacy Policy and Google's Privacy Policy. The Google Advertising Opt-out Page allows users to opt out of Google's usage of cookies. The Google Analytics Opt-out Page also allows users to opt out of Google Analytics.

Mobile identifiers

A mobile device identifier is a combination of letters and numbers that acts as a personal identifier for any specific iOS or Android device which allows advertisers to monitor app downloads and usage. SwoshsVPN does not track your whereabouts or data using a mobile device identifier but instead uses it to generate statistics related to the marketing channels and advertising partners.

Disabling or resetting mobile identifiers

Mobile identifiers are a sequence of letters and numbers that are unique to an iOS or Android device. They enable advertisers and marketing agencies to collect data across app downloads and usages. The mobile IDs connected with users' devices can be disabled or reset at any time. Apple's website on Advertising & Privacy on iOS devices and Google's page on Managing your Google Settings on Android devices both include instructions.

VI- Safeguarding and Securing the Data

We operate a strict policy with our internal and external team so that your information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. We take our privacy policy very seriously to implement the necessary steps to optimize the best security for your data (administrative, physical, or technical) and to protect your real identity. Our offices and server houses employ some of the best world-class security protocols and systems in our databases and office where no government entity can gain access to your data and personal information. Our customer support team is granted access to user information (email and name), under full disclosure, to provide assistance and solutions to any customer.

We’re highly confident in our security protocol in protecting your data within our limits. In the event of a breach of your data by an external factor, we will notify you immediately via email.

Note: Any failed attempt to provide certain personal data may result in an operation that may be defective or unusable. It will also prove impossible for us to provide certain services to you due to a certain minimum requirement of personal data to function as intended.

VII - Data Treatment within the European Union

SwoshsVPN acknowledges the guidelines set forth by the European Union under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which obliges us to practice data collecting and processing in line with the rules stated below:

  • Providing users with transparent services and apps which they have requested.
  • Processing a transparent billing structure.
  • Managing user subscriptions.
  • Providing fully dedicated support to users.
  • Providing a reliable and effective improvement of our app, services, and website.
  • Interacting with consumers to give information and solicit feedback on our services and app.

• With the users' approval, they can revoke at any time.

By emailing us at, you can exercise your GDPR rights to access, transfer, update, delete, or object to the processing of your personal data.

VIII - Links to Other Websites

Our website contains links to external websites that are not under the control of SwoshsVPN. This Document does not prohibit you from visiting certain websites. We recommend that you read their privacy policies as we are not responsible for the privacy practices of said external websites.

IX - Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

SwoshsVPN is a British Virgin Islands (BVI)-based company with its registered office and headquarters operating under the BVI governing law. The BVI has no data retention rules and any disclosure of user data requires approval from the BVI Supreme Court. Ergo, SwoshsVPN will abide by BVI's laws and regulations.When seeking information from a BVI corporation, foreign courts or law enforcement are subject to a ”dual criminality” requirement under BVI law. Whereby, the BVI Supreme Court can only grant such a request if the identical act is punished by at least one year in the BVI under BVI law if it occurs within the territory. SwoshsVPN does not collect data traffic, browser history, or DNS queries that might be used to identify a specific user if the BVI Supreme Court issues any legal warrants.

X - Changes and/or updates to the Privacy Policy

We retain the right to implement some changes in the Privacy Policy from time to time. Once the said changes have been updated on the Privacy Policy on the website, they will be taken into effect immediately. The updated Document will be posted on our website with the corresponding date suggesting when it was last modified. Continued use of our services after changes have been made will constitute your consent to such change to which you agreed. Therefore, we highly encourage you to check this Privacy Policy regularly for new updates. For any changes to this Privacy Policy, you will be notified through the website, your account, or email.

XI - Contact SwoshsVPN

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions regarding our Privacy Policy and handling of your information. We are glad and open to answering inquiries if something is not clear or needs an in-depth explanation.

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