5 reasons why a VPN can help with crypto trading

5 reasons why a VPN can help with crypto trading

Imagine going online and owning a form of currency that doesn’t belong to any country, isn’t controlled by a bureaucratic entity, and can sometimes make you rich. That form of currency is called cryptocurrency. 

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is decentralized digital money meaning it’s not controlled by a single entity and is a digital asset used to purchase goods and services. Web 3.0 has opened a new market to earn substantial profits through innovative technology poised to change the internet as we currently use it. Crypto is changing the landscape of how businesses run. It has attracted many users, investors, entrepreneurs, and content creators to be part of this expanding innovation. 

We’ve seen giants such as Bitcoin rise and fall multiple times with new coins springing out of nowhere. Power coins like Ethereum are also spearheading the way to leadership. Blockchain technology also paved new roads for innovations such as NFTs, metaverses, and so on. 

Crypto trading does not leave you anonymous 

Users can trade cryptocurrency or virtually anything on blockchains through online platform exchanges that don’t hold security as their highest consideration. Some vulnerabilities can permit access for hackers to acquire sensitive data. But for all cases, you have to enter personal information that can be tracked. But more importantly, you enter financial credentials which can be tracked. 

There is a way to protect your privacy and identity with crypto trading by using a VPN. 

VPNs in a nutshell 

A VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to reroute your traffic to an encrypted channel to connect to the internet. You can become fully anonymous and private with your internet activities by steering away from your ISP or tracking websites and apps. 

Crypto trading can’t be done anywhere but online, so it’s vital to protect your online privacy and identity when dealing with delicate transactions. 

5 reasons why a VPN can help with crypto trading. 

  • End-to-end encryption – this will ensure no one can see your transactions, not even the VPN service, provider. Crypto trading is heavily protected, but you wouldn’t want any 3rd parties or hackers to find out what you’re doing online. 

  • No-log policy – With nothing to save there is nothing to show. Premium VPN service providers don’t store any web activities of their users to protect their online privacy. 

  • Anonymous browsing – VPNs offer plenty of servers to connect to which can be advantageous for crypto trading especially if you’re commencing multiple trades at once.  

  • Bypass restrictions -  A VPN will allow you to access different platforms that may not be available in your region. This will create more opportunities for trading and unlocking important platforms for trading. 

  • Extra security features – A VPN is fully equipped to protect your online activities. It comes with extra features such as Kill Switch and Split Tunneling to defend yourself from potential threats. 

Bottom line 

A VPN protects personal online activities and leaves them anonymous. individuals who engage in crypto trading or any other form of trading should protect their digital assets. SwoshsVPN will guarantee fully encrypted online transactions when conducting any trades. It’s fully ready to protect your identity when dealing with sensitive financial issues.