Set your location to anywhere in the world - how to handle virtual servers

global access of content access from any location

VPNs are similar to a portal that can pin you to almost any country in the world. With the click of a button, you can instantly connect to a virtual server of the country of your choice. It does that by acquiring the IP address of the selected country automatically exposing you to the media and content available there.

What is a server?

 A VPN server is a physical piece of hardware similar to a computer that is configured to supply an encrypted channel to users connecting them to the internet. The servers are a combined VPN hardware and software which changes the user's IP address to that of the country they are connected to. 

Why so many country nodes?

Not only will you protect yourself by changing your location, but you’ll also connect to a high-bandwidth and low-latency network to ensure that you have ultra-fast internet speed. VPNs offer different country nodes for different purposes. Some nodes might be suitable for high-speed connections but will provide lower standard encryption. And some nodes will offer the highest level of encryption but slower internet speeds. It depends on what you’re seeking. 


Say you reside in the United States but want to watch the Netflix content of France. You won’t be able to because the account you created was under US jurisdiction and will provide you with movies and shows according to where you reside. But that doesn’t mean you have to physically travel to France to watch the content there. With a VPN activated, you just have to connect to a virtual server in France and then you will instantly have a French IP address. 

And this goes for any streaming platform. Due to geo-blocking, YouTube will also present content that might not exist in your region until you connected to a virtual server. Some countries go to the full extent of banning certain platforms and social media channels. So if you live in a country where the government is in control of what goes in and out, then having a VPN will likely save you and grant you access to foreign content. 


SwoshsVPN has over 140 servers and 60 country nodes to choose from. Each of these nodes presents a distinguishable attribute for your internet activity. 

When launching SwoshsVPN, slide the drawer to view the country nodes available. 


On the bottom, you can see a list of specific functions. You can add country nodes to your Favorites list so that you can effortlessly connect to nodes you find beneficial. 


You can find another section dedicated to torrenting large downloads. These nodes are designed to handle the traffic without lagging.  


Finally, SwoshsVPN allows you to choose the best nodes for streaming dedicated to providing a smooth experience.