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Making an impact by building a safer, more private, and accessible digital world

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Why SwoshsVPN?

We believe in establishing trust between us and our users. We want to create a connection that empowers you as an internet user to feel safe and private online. We strive on learning about new and innovative ways to be safe and anonymous online while providing you the services that allow you to do so.

We are a “user-first” VPN service and understand the real value of privacy. We know that your ISP and other entities collect your data and sell them to 3rd parties. We know that you can leave a digital footprint that can expose your true identity. With SwoshsVPN, you can add security and privacy to your everyday digital life.


We believe that the internet should be accessible to everyone. We want to provide a true internet experience with secrecy, security, and fast connectivity.

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Our Vision

SwoshsVPN wants internet users to experience the internet the way it should – limitless, private, and ultra-fast. Be in control of your privacy and internet freedom.

We envision a world where everyone has easy access to cyber security to protect their personal information and digital assets. We want an easy-to-use product in everyone’s device that stands in the front lines of the infantry and defends against any cyberattack. We want everyone to discover a new internet that offers new content and freedom. We want SwoshsVPN to be your trusted VPN in securing your privacy and online safety

SwoshsVPN is built on the hands of a multicultural team from diverse backgrounds. With the experience and skills combined, our collaboration has been nothing but positive and enlightening. Pure creativity and productivity birthed from fostering a dogma of innovation, hard work, and acceptance. All walks of life share one common goal: To build a working & cost-efficient VPN for you

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