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A VPN, a Virtual Private Network, protects your privacy and cloaks your online identity. It does that by encrypting your outbound information and channeling it through a secure remote server before you can access your online content.

SwoshsVPN does not store any data, activity logs, or connection logs of our users. SwoshsVPN is a privacy-first company that operates with strict protocols to ensure our users’ satisfaction. For more details, you can read SwoshsVPN’s Privacy Policy and Terms of service.

VPNs are perfectly legal for companies and individuals to use in most countries but not all. There are a handful of governments that practice strict censorship and dominance over their online servers and providers. But some countries only allow the use of approved VPNs with certain restrictions. With that said, doing any illegal online activity is still illegal, regardless if you’re in a censor-free country or not.

In some cases, VPNs can slow down your internet speed by a negligible margin. But given that your internet service provider (ISP) regulates the traffic, your internet will experience fluctuations and cause the speed to pick up and drop. A VPN can actually stabilize and boost your speed.

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