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Introducing SwoshsVPN Points

Earn points to avail free VPN usage by simply using it.
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What is the bonus points system?

Everyone enjoys using a reliable VPN service to protect their online privacy. The bonus point system rewards users for using and engaging with SwoshsVPN while providing them with free VPN minutes.

Bonus Points System

SwoshsVPN setup in iOS device First Step

1 month plan

The basic plan includes an automatic 200 points for your SwoshsVPN account
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6 months plan

Purchase the 6 month plan for a whopping 1,200 points
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12 months plan

Purchase the 12 month package and receive an incredible 2,400 points
SwoshsVPN setup in iOS device First Step

Refer a freind

Participate in the Refer a Friend program to earn 100 points (Only available for registered users)
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Verify an Email

Earn 300 points on SwoshsVPN app by simply verifying your email

How to redeem your points

Follow 3 simple steps

SwoshsVPN setup in iOS device First Step

Click on icon

SwoshsVPN setup in iOS device Second Step

Enter the value

SwoshsVPN setup in iOS device Third Step


Click on the “Diamond” icon on the top-right corner. Enter the value you wish to redeem. And you’re done! Click on the “Redeem” button to collect your rewards. Use SwoshsVPN daily to keep collecting bonus points for extra minutes of VPN usage.

Terms of services apply

Frequently Asked Questions

You may do the following – purchase a package, verify your email, and refer a friend to receive Bonus Points.

Open the SwoshsVPN app and enter the number of points you wish to redeem. Once done, tap on ‘Redeem’ and receive your points. Alternatively, you can login to My Account and redeem your points through the SwoshsVPN website.

Your Bonus Points will activate under your account only. They are not transferable to another account.

If you decide to delete your account, then your Bonus Points will automatically be deleted.

You can get extra VPN time topped up on your current account.

You can redeem your Bonus Points in the SwoshsVPN app or via My Account on the SwoshsVPN website.

You can redeem 100 points for a 1-day free SwoshsVPN access.

You are not obliged to redeem all of your Bonus Points. But it will help you earn extra free VPN time.

Bonus Points are not refundable nor can they be exchanged for cash.

Your account will remain active as long as your package is valid. You will have extra VPN time after initially redeeming your points and you can still earn bonus points by referring a friend, purchasing a package, and verifying your email.

If you need help, the SwoshsVPN Support Team is available ask live chat and email.