SwoshsVPN offers an extended risk-free trial for all users


Get started with a risk-free trial for all users until May 15, 2022

You can now try SwoshsVPN 100% free as a new user. This is the deal you’ve been looking for and best of all: you can try out all the security features for free. Get ready to secure your iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices. 

SwoshsVPN offers 140 ultra-fast servers in 60 country nodes from every continent on the planet to ensure your privacy and online safety. You can connect to your favorite virtual server any time you want effortlessly with SwoshsVPN’s auto-connect feature. This will allow you to instantly connect to a virtual server as soon as your device starts up.  

Tough encryption

You’ll always feel safe when your end-to-end encryption is military-grade material. We utilize AES-256 which has a key length of 256 bits which makes it impossible to crack solidifying itself as the toughest encryption standard in the industry. No one can know what you’re doing online and what’s going in and out of your traffic.

Be defensive in public spaces

There’s nothing more dangerous than public Wi-Fi where anyone can sneak into your traffic and collect your data. A VPN will make sure that your data is encrypted so that any leaked information will look like gibberish to them.

Unlock the world ahead of you

A VPN can let you discover fresh content and media in other countries around the world. 

No-logging policy

We don’t keep logs of our users on what they do and what activity they’re conducting. Our customized application is completely risk-free you so can feel at ease.

Enjoy the best out of SwoshsVPN with:

  • Split Tunneling: Custom pick which apps or software you want to be connected to VPN or open network.
  • Kill switch: a feature that cuts your internet connection if it detects any disruption. Don’t worry, it’ll reconnect you once it feels it’s right.
  • Multiple bandwidths from different nodes for every internet activity you need.
  • One-tap connect is all it takes to be secured.
  • Dark mode and Light mode for an aesthetic touch.