How to Set Up SwoshsVPN

How to Setup SwoshsVPN

Whether you’re using a phone or tablet, SwoshsVPN ‘s design fits nicely on your device so that you can begin your new internet experience. 


  • Search for the SwoshsVPN app on the Google Play Store/ Apple Store or download Windows /Mac.
  • Tap on the Install button and wait until it’s complete.
  • Once it’s done installing, tap the Open button to launch SwoshsVPN.



  • Once it’s launched tap on, tap on “3-Day Free VPN Trial”.
  • Enter your email address and create a strong password.
  • And after creating an account, you’ll receive a verification code on the email address you used.
  • Enter the 6 number combination code to verify your account in the SwoshsVPN app, and then tap on “Verify Your Account”.
  • Wait a few seconds and your registration should be successful. Tap on “Back to My Account.” (if you didn't receive an email tap on “resend verification.”)
  • If you already have an account, you can skip these steps and type in your Email and password.


  • The countdown will begin showing you how much time you still have. Tap on “Got it.”
  • Congratulations! You can now continue with your online activities with a secured connection. If you have any further questions about SwoshsVPN, reach out to our fully dedicated Customer Support Team [email protected].

How to Set UP SwoshsVPN

Now that you downloaded SwoshsVPN, it’s time to start securing your online freedom. This rundown will show you how to navigate through the interface outlining every feature available. 

  • SwoshsVPN main screen.

The most prominent figure on the home screen is the Quick Connect button which allows you to connect instantly to a node from our selected servers. Once clicked, it will redirect you to a new virtual IP address of your choice. Tap it again to disconnect you from using SwoshsVPN. 


You can slide the bottom drawer up or tap on the bottom right arrow to pick whichever virtual node you want to connect to. By tapping on a country and pressing the heart icon, you’re adding the node to your Favorites. 

At the bottom, you have a selection of icons that contain extra features for premium users. 

Favorites: the selected node/s will be your go-to node/s whenever you connect to SwoshsVPN. 

Torrents: SwoshsVPN picks out which virtual node is best suited for P2P downloads. You can also select it to be added to your Favorites list. 

Streaming: SwoshsVPN lets you choose which node is ideal for streaming content (Netflix, Prime, Hulu, etc…) 



Download SwoshsVPN now on your Laptop/Desktop .

Why pick SwoshsVPN for Web ?

  • Fast connectivity assures you’ll enjoy your online activities with ease.
  • The encryption cloak will block anyone trying to track you down.
  • To stay hidden in the shadows while browsing online.
  • To kick out hackers and cybercriminals from gaining access to your information.

Benefits of Using SwoshsVPN

Enjoy all the features:
Get the best of our features for ultimate security, privacy, and fast connectivity.
Be ready for the internet:
Step into the internet as it should be; uncensored and unlimited.
Great prices:
Pick a package that suits you the most. You can try out our Refer a Friend program or benefit from our coupons and giveaways in the next promotions.
Easy to use:
A simple interface and quick-to-use system are ergonomically designed for a smooth sailing VPN experience.

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